Join our dedicated staff to support outdoor program for all!

Why work on Camp Staff?

Reasons to help parents and youth decide if working on camp staff is right for them.

Transferable skills

Teaching & leadership

  • Regardless of your future goals, working on camp staff helps you develop job-marketable skills.

  • You will take on new responsibilities like leading a group, getting to work on time, living with others, and communicating with peers and adults.

  • While Working with Scouts in merit badge sessions, you will have the chance to hone your skills at leading and managing diverse groups and improve self-confidence, teaching, and public speaking skills.


  • Every member of the Patriots' Path Council camp staff has the opportunity to work on advancement within Scouting.

  • We encourage staff to work on merit badges and rank advancements as an essential part of their personal development over the summer.

Becoming a role model

  • The mission of Patriots' Path Council camp staff is "to make lifelong memories for everyone who comes through our gates."

  • We fulfill that mission by making personal connections and creating bonds with the Scouts and leaders.

  • There is nothing more powerful than making a difference in the life of a Scout or helping a leader achieve their desired goals.

Save for the future

Earn a salary and begin saving

  • Salaried positions are available for 15 years old or older applicants.

Future Career

Improve Interview Skills

  • Every member of the Patriots' Path Council camp staff is interviewed every season.

  • These interviews help us get to know you and help you hone your interview skills.

  • Learn what to expect in an interview and how to present yourself to prospective employers best.

Make lifelong friend

  • Make friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Every summer starts with Staff Week. You will bond with those around you and learn everything you need to be a great counselor and member of the Patriots' Path Council camp staff family.


  • We are dedicated to helping our staff alumni.

  • You will gain year-round opportunities for guidance and support.

  • Our network includes teachers, engineers, business leaders, public service leaders, and contractors.

Time Away from Technology

  • Patriots' Path Council camps either have a no-device policy or have only short scheduled times with technology.

  • Our Camp is the perfect place to do a “digital detox” and get back to nature and face-to-face socialization.

It's incredibly fun

  • It's fun and an extremely positive experience.

  • You will have opportunities to try new things and have new and fresh fun stories to tell.

Camp Changes you!

  • You'll be a more confident, more assertive, open, and happy person.